Stevie healed up quite well after our visit to you folks. I really appreciated the professionalism and concern of the staff there. Despite healing up though, we noticed last night that she’s getting another abscess in the same spot, and we’re taking her in again.
It’s very comforting to know that you guys are there in an emergency, and I’m sure you’ll see us again when we have an after-hours veterinary situation.

Regards, Brian

Stevie lives with her family in Suquamish 98392. Her family veterinarian is Tender Touch Animal Hospital 98346.

Thank you for checking in. Penelope (on right) was greatly improved we’re thinking most likely by the anti-inflammatory as she was only half-limping 24 hours later and not limping within 48, though we farmed her brother out til Sunday so she could be on her own without the rough play. She seems great now, but we could see how it might happen again as she just loves to leap off of everything like a flying squirrel! We sure hope not, and Dr. Adams doesn’t think it’s torn so we’re good to go but I finished the anti-inflammatories just to be safe. Crossing our fingers.

We were there the night Shamen was rescued! Hope you share that story…very inspirational. We consider you an extension of our family and rest easier knowing you’re so close by and that you take Care Credit so that we can lean into that and then quickly pay it off.

Bless your staff; we appreciate them so much! Glad you got to meet Penny, but you’ll have to meet Mr. Snickers too (under healthy circumstances).

Thanks again!

Penelope and Mr. Snickers live in Poulsbo 98370 with their non-furry family members. Their family veterinarian is Poulsbo Animal Clinic.

Needy is back to his old self.. Thank you for the wonderful care he received at your clinic. Everyone we came into contact with at the clinic were kind and understanding They also explained things well so that we could understand just what exactly ailed our Needy. We have used your facility several times now in the past several years and have always appreciated the kind and caring service even though it was usually to put down one of our beloved pets.

Best, Irene

Needy and his family of furry and non-furry members live on Bainbridge Island, WA 98110. His family veterinarian is Day Road Animal Hospital.

Hi all,

Brodie (that’s how we spell his name) is doing fine. It took a couple of days, but then he was much more limber all over and he seems to be completely past his problem now. We are continuing his medication until it is gone as instructed, but I wonder if that is still necessary?

We were very impressed with how quickly Dr. Burgess diagnosed his problem, and the treatment was very successful. Given that we were in an emergency hospital, we felt the charges were reasonable. Thank you for caring, and for following up. We have already be contacted by Brodie’s regular vet at Big Valley as a follow up also.

Best regards, Scott

Brodie and his family live in Poulsbo 98370. His family veterinarian is Big Valley Veterinary Clinic.


Thank you so much to the amazing team at AETC for the care you have given my lab Achilles. When his stomach flipped and he needed emergency surgery in the middle of the night, your staff did an incredible job keeping me informed and calm in such a stressful and scary situation. I really appreciated Dr. Burgess walking me through the

x-rays and our treatment options, and he did a great job on Achilles’s surgery; he’s back to his normal, high-energy self! And we owe a second big thank you for the fast care we got last night when I had to bring Achilles back to finish removing some of the incision staples his regular vet had missed. You have an amazing, caring team, and pets like Achilles are so lucky to still be here because of the great care he received at AETC!

Thank you!!!
Brisa and Achilles

Achilles and his family live in Port Orchard, WA 98366. His family veterinarian is Ridgetop Animal Hospital 98383.

Thank you!  Tangka is completely healed, and I’m very happy with the care we received.  You were great when I first phoned and made it clear to me that we should have him be seen sooner rather than later since it involved an eye injury.  The doctor was very thorough in checking that his cornea was not scratched.

Thanks very much.   Very glad I still had a “Pet ER” on my cell phone.

Tangka and his family live on Bainbridge Island, WA 98110. His family veterinarian is Winslow Animal Clinic.

Hi, all.

Max is recovering amazingly well. In less than two weeks after his surgery, the only signs of the accident were the incisions and some lingering trauma to his leg. By that point he was happy and active, eating and drinking well.

We are not entirely sure what is going on with the leg. There is the bone chip off the pelvis and accompanying inflammation (with likely sciatic pain), which is slowly getting better. It also looks as though the entire area was subjected to a rotational force, and possibly there is soft tissue damage. We will re-evaluate that in another couple of weeks, after he has had more time to heal.

Thank you all for your excellent care of Max. I was very happy not only to have Dr. Burgess’s surgical skills available, but also to have a facility where Max could be monitored overnight. I would have been very uncomfortable leaving him unattended for several hours the first two nights after his injury.

Best regards, Jodi

Max and his family live in Chimacum 98325. Jefferson County. His family Veterinarian is Hadlock Veterinary Clinic 98339.


Keena is doing very well.  She had her staples removed about a week ago, and just spent a fun weekend at the beach!

The only feedback that I have for your facility is that you did a wonderful job.  Keena is very attached to us, and I know can be very anxious when we are not around.  When we dropped her off in the evening and when we picked her up in the morning, she seemed well-cared for.  I called during the night to check on her, and received prompt and sympathetic information.

Keena has only been to an emergency facility once before, in Portland, when she decided to eat three dozen chocolate chip cookies off the counter (since I have learned to keep them far out of her reach!).  We took her to the Dove Lewis emergency center, which was very large and state of the art.  Although I am certain that their center has more resources and more equipment, we received much more reassurance and assistance in Poulsbo.

Thank you for doing a wonderful job taking care of our dog, she is our best friend and a member of our family.  We are so glad that she is doing just fine.


Keena and her family live on Bainbridge Island. Her family Veterinarian is Winslow Animal Clinic, Bainbridge Island 98110.


Athena is doing very well. Her scab came off of her foot about a week after her injury and she bled a little bit when that happened but her foot has been back to normal since then. We are so thankful for the service that we received and that there was a place to bring her when she was hurt even though it was a weekend during the holiday season. We will certainly pass on our recommendations to others if the need should arise n the future!

Thank you, Emily and Athena