In 1993, Drs. Burgess and Zimmers worked together to create the first after-hours emergency animal hospital which serves the Kitsap Peninsula and surrounding areas. The hospital steadily grew as more and more local veterinary practices began utilizing the services provided by AETC. Dr. Zimmers retired in 2013 and Dr. Burgess became the sole owner of the practice. In 2017, Dr. Burgess sold 70% of the practice to National Veterinary Association (NVA). For 3 years he remained part owner and managing DVM. In June of 2020, Dr. Burgess retired and sold the 30% ownership to NVA. Dr. Burgess still work several shifts a month as a DVM at AETC.

AETC now serves more than 50 area veterinarians and continues to have a close relationship with their hospitals. We service animal hospitals in Kitsap County including Bremerton and Silverdale and as far South as Gig Harbor. We also take pet emergencies from north Kitsap County including Kingston and across the Hood Canal bridge to Sequim, Port Angeles, Port Townsend and the rest of the Olympic Peninsula. Our service area also includes the veterinary hospitals on Bainbridge Island.

AETC works closely with your family veterinarian to help provide complete veterinary care for your pet. We are open when your family veterinarian is not available and we provide services for pets that do not yet have a local family veterinarian. We are able to treat trauma, illness, surgical and critical care cases. We provide specialized hospitalization for critically ill patients and perform complex diagnostic procedures.
All patient information is sent directly to your primary care veterinarian after a visit to AETC or daily if your pet is hospitalized. We consult regularly with your primary care veterinarian and work as a team to give your pet the best medical care available.